Charitable Attitudes

The NZ Herald reports on Countdown winding up its sponsorship of the Red Cross scheme for school meals. According to one of their editorials, it was a complete PR disaster.

“I just think this is awful. I’m stunned about what it says about our society that MasterChef is more valuable than feeding children in decile 1 schools …” – Child Poverty Action Group researcher Donna Wynd

I agree it is disappointing that this programme is coming to an end. I think that it is wrong for  Countdown to be vilified. Charity is only charity when it’s a voluntary effort. If companies are always expected to support charity, then I would say it’s just another line on the PR expenses budget, and not true charitable giving.

Countdown didn’t have to support the Red Cross programme at all, but for whatever reasons, they did. If headlines like this are abound when they decide to do something else, then  companies may decide it’s not worth it to support any long term charitable projects.

The line should be, it’s a bit sad you’ve decided to end the scheme, but thanks for your support over the time you did.

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